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7 weeks ago some type annotations to catch an issue sooner
7 weeks ago TAG 2017-04-07
2 months ago housekeeping, recorded a KLUDGE note regarding the bug e ...
3 months ago fix: remove-cached-instance has been renamed to remove-i ...
18 months ago instance-not-in-current-transaction is first class condi ...
18 months ago fix some class type declarations (by David Lichteblau)
18 months ago housekeeping
18 months ago test/ test-query now has a :with-expected-failures keyword
18 months ago Clozure MOP support (by David Lichteblau)
18 months ago TAG 2015-11-29
18 months ago follow :hu.dwim.syntax-sugar/lambda-with-bang-args
18 months ago README: note an important fork
6 years ago load-instance: Fix leak of half-initialized instance for ...
7 years ago tomas.hlavaty@knowledg ... :size computation of defmapping symbol* fixed
7 years ago tomas.hlavaty@knowledg ... s/=/eql for better error message