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18 months ago TAG 2015-11-29
18 months ago housekeeping
18 months ago follow hu.dwim.util/ refactor
24 months ago report more info in case of a logging error
24 months ago housekeeping
24 months ago rework the new log-level convenience functions, added lo ...
24 months ago Kambiz Darabi Corrected log-level-keywords definition
24 months ago Kambiz Darabi Allow keywords in setf log-level, new log-level-xyz func ...
4 years ago follow asdf 2.32
2 years ago TAG 2015-04-05
3 years ago root-logger logs to *debug-io* by default instead of *st ...
3 years ago (setf log-level) now sets both runtime and compile-time ...
3 years ago fix cashing appender flushing
3 years ago fix: make it work flawlessly on standard slime