descriptionObsolete! Was split into presentation and web-server.
last changeTue, 10 Nov 2015 23:12:54
18 months ago follow hu.dwim.util/ refactor
23 months ago follow iolib.asd changes
2 years ago update README to mark that this project is obsolete.
2 years ago follow sbcl's get-mutex deprecation
2 years ago hu.dwim.computed-class now depends on hu.dwim.defclass-star
4 years ago follow asdf 2.32
5 years ago TAG 2011-11-11-nafi
5 years ago TAG 2011-08-28-nafi
5 years ago drop sbcl-ctor-kludge as it's both not needed anymore an ...
6 years ago TODO
6 years ago TAG 2010-11-10-nafi
6 years ago TAG before forking to hu.dwim.http-server
6 years ago follow -run-child-tests-
6 years ago follow build-error-log-message changes
6 years ago add a log for ignoring illegal http requests