last changeSun, 28 May 2017 22:43:12
82 minutes ago TAG 2017-05-28-ekor
83 minutes ago run-production-server: simplify for the simple case
93 minutes ago keep a simple version of run-production-server
44 hours ago retire hu.dwim.util/zlib in favor of hu.dwim.zlib
6 days ago TAG 2017-05-22-ekor
6 days ago production: factor out run-production-server/prepare; di ...
6 days ago production: factor out initialize-database-connection-sp ...
3 weeks ago production: do not start swank by default
3 weeks ago start swank server also logs the bind address
4 weeks ago production: added --swank-address arg
7 weeks ago TAG 2017-04-07
7 weeks ago get rid of cl-fad, use uiop instead
3 months ago delete find-class-for-type (moved/renamed into hu.dwim.p ...
3 months ago housekeeping
12 months ago fix find-symbol* when specifying a non-existent package