descriptionTest framework resembling normal Slime development.
last changeFri, 07 Apr 2017 01:18:10
7 weeks ago TAG 2017-04-07
4 months ago .asd: follow foo/test naming convention
4 months ago fix: only report missing failures when the runtime state ...
4 months ago fix format errors, reported by ccl
16 months ago say whether an assertion failure is expected or not
16 months ago fix typo
18 months ago TAG 2015-11-29
2 years ago get rid of old note about slime branch.
2 years ago TAG 2015-04-05
2 years ago README: added note about a friendly fork.
2 years ago reorder some definitions to silence a new SBCL warning.
3 years ago fix: IS and friends should work without a global-context ...
3 years ago housekeeping
3 years ago fix typo and update the commented out definition also
3 years ago Added the possibility to record the successful assertion ...