descriptionSQL connectivity (Current backends: Postgres, SQLite, Oracle).
last changeTue, 25 Apr 2017 18:35:35
4 weeks ago use production-only instead of *load-as-production?*
7 weeks ago TAG 2017-04-07
2 months ago Kambiz Darabi postgresql backend: do not truncate rational numbers sil ...
2 months ago Kambiz Darabi Remove calls to expand-sql-ast-into-lambda-form-cached
17 months ago .asd record missing :cffi depenency for sqlite and oracle
18 months ago more precise type for sql-like's slots
18 months ago TAG 2015-11-29
18 months ago follow :hu.dwim.syntax-sugar/lambda-with-bang-args
6 years ago Fix trailing zeros in
6 years ago tomas.hlavaty@knowledg ... fix database-list-tables-and-columns to exclude full tex ...
6 years ago tomas.hlavaty@knowledg ... added order-by, limit and offset to sql-set-operation-ex ...
6 years ago tomas.hlavaty@knowledg ... join fix
18 months ago drop verrazano-runtime dependency, there's nothing in th ...
18 months ago follow hu.dwim.util/ refactor
18 months ago README mention a fork