last changeTue, 25 Apr 2017 18:33:11
4 weeks ago use production-only instead of *load-as-production?*
7 weeks ago TAG 2017-04-07
6 months ago more detailed warning for local-nicknames
15 months ago fix function-like-definer dealing with compund names
18 months ago further fixes to function-like-definer
18 months ago added -this-function/name- as a symbol-macrolet
18 months ago tests/ extend for function-like-definers
18 months ago fix function-like definers for defmethods with qualifier ...
18 months ago fix (setf foo) function-like definer
18 months ago TAG 2015-11-29
18 months ago emacs/ add intentation hint for (def kind name ...)
18 months ago exntended-package: added support for :local-nicknames
18 months ago duplicates.lisp: added print-symbol-with-prefix
23 months ago .asd: check for asdf version and actively fail if not met.
2 years ago TAG 2015-04-05