descriptionExtensions for ASDF.
last changeFri, 26 May 2017 23:54:19
2 days ago develop-op tries to load a foo/test system even for non- ...
4 weeks ago use production-only instead of *load-as-production?*
7 weeks ago TAG 2017-04-07
5 months ago integrate quicklisp into DEVELOP-SYSTEM
18 months ago TAG 2015-11-29
18 months ago housekeeping
18 months ago drop deleted stuff from the exports; notably *workspace- ...
18 months ago drop workspace.lisp, obsoleted by a modern ASDF
18 months ago drop some old asdf compatibility
18 months ago rollback quicklisp change that was doing something else
23 months ago Kambiz Darabi Use quicklisp to load swank integration systems, if present
24 months ago fix the way default :author, :description, and :license ...
24 months ago fix %iterate-system-dependencies-1 and also get rid of t ...
2 years ago TAG 2015-04-05
3 years ago added :resolve key arg to dependency iteration defaulti ...